Blogs and LinkedIn and Twitter, oh my! Wondering whether to invest in social media marketing and if so where to start? In this half day on-site meeting and training program we discuss:
  • What social media is
  • How social media programs can benefit your organization
  • Social media marketing best practices
  • Popular social media tools
  • Key components of a social media marketing plan
  • Cost estimates and success metrics
  • Your organization’s marketing objectives and risk profile
  • Recommendations for next steps given your objectives
Social media marketing programs excel at raising visibility, deepening relationships, and developing trust. They also take time; so it’s important to select your investments carefully. BB Marketing Plus will help you:
  • Assess your organization’s risk profile and define the scope of your initial efforts
  • Monitor and analyze online conversations to discover unmet needs, emerging trends, and conversations about your organization and the competition
  • Set your social media objectives
  • Identify areas of influence and engagement, determine where you need a social presence, and identify the social media platforms you’ll need
  • Outline strategies for attracting, interacting with, and engaging your target audience(s) and those who influence them
  • Develop a strategy for monitoring and capitalizing upon the social conversations you track.
  • Create a strategy for integrating your social media, online, and conventional marketing strategies
  • Assess resource requirements and potential risks
  • Develop metrics for measuring success
Need help implementing your social media strategies? BB Marketing Plus will help you:
  • Install and customize the social media platform(s) you choose
  • Identify the key words that are most important for your business
  • Develop your content and posting strategies for each platform
  • Implement a listening system to track social conversations and monitor points of influence and engagement related to your business
  • Create, optimize, and place content that will attract and engage prospects--and those who influence them
  • Protect your brand by coordinating your social media, online, and conventional marketing communications
  • Monitor, analyze, and report on progress against goals
  • Capitalize on opportunities the analysis uncovers
  • Provide training to help your staff make the most of your social media opportunities.
On a limited budget, but need social media marketing expertise to leverage your efforts and reduce risk? Barbara Bix, Principal, BB Marketing Plus, will provide ongoing counsel to help you:
  • Decide whether social media is a good investment for your organization
  • Recommend resources and tools you can use to guide your efforts
  • Define your social media strategy
  • Select social media platforms for your communications
  • Develop your communications plan
  • Learn how to use the platforms you select effectively
Blogging is a great way to get the word out--but who has time? Have Barbara do it for you.

Each week, she'll join you, a member of your staff, or a happy customer over a virtual cup of coffee to get the skinny on the implications of a recent news event, a new service that will improve your customers' experience, or a novel application of one of your company's solutions. It's a great way to share your story, raise awareness of the value your company delivers, and help prospects find you on the web. Barbara will:
  • Capture your story
  • Write it up
  • Post it in on your company's blog
  • Publicize it via various social media channels where those who influence your prospects will see it.

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BB Marketing Plus stepped us through a process that helped us identify our target market and a winning selling proposition. This led to our signing on Microsoft as a reference account— which won us instant credibility."
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