Pinpoint Your Most Promising Prospects

Concentrate your firepower on the accounts that matter most—those that will spend more for your solutions, make quicker decisions, and generate desirable referrals. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Analyze your sales data
Determine which markets will yield the greatest return on your sales and marketing investments
Identify the events that drive demand for your solutions
Profile your most promising prospects
Evaluate mailing list alternatives for cost and quality
Develop campaigns to encourage your most promising prospects to “raise their hands”

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Strengthen Your Value Proposition
Turn your solution from a “so what” to a “must have”. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Determine what matters most to decision makers and others who influence them
Articulate the benefits that your solution delivers from the perspectives of each person involved in the buying decision
Quantify the financial impact of your solutions
Ascertain what specific information each needs to receive before they decide to buy from you
Identify the sales aids you require to win the sale

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Hone your competitive edge
Simply put, success depends on creating solutions that squarely address prospective customers’ needs. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Interview prospective customers to uncover pain points and buying preferences
Identify strengths and weaknesses of your solutions relative to the competition.
Ascertain relative value of various “packages” in the eyes of prospective buyers or subgroups.
Define requirements for solutions that set your company apart from the competition
Hasten time-to-market by separating essential requirements from those that are just “nice to have"
Support internal groups such as communications and customer service personnel by keeping them abreast of how prospective customers prefer to interact with the company

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Spot New Opportunities

Develop systems to keep on top of market trends and changes.
Identify attractive new market segments
Mine your company’s sales data to uncover new opportunities at existing accounts.
Interview prospective customers to assess their perceptions of your solution’s value
Analyze the competition
Size and rank opportunities
Create solution packages that appeal to the unique requirements of each prospective market segment

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Assess Brand Effectiveness
First impressions count. Do you know what comes to their minds when prospects or referral sources think about your firm? It’s imperative that you find out, identify the weak spots, and then take corrective action. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Find out what comes to mind when prospects and referral sources think about your company
Discover which branding messages resonate most with each audience
Test your brand relative to the competition
Identify missed or distorted communications
Pinpoint the most cost-effective way to communicate the value your company delivers.
Develop messages that positively differentiate your solution from the competition
Support communications specialists in polishing your marketing promotions

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Ensure That Your Communications Hit the Mark
There are many ways to get the word out: advertising, public relations, direct marketing, over the Internet, etc. Each has a different role. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Identify the audiences you need to reach to get the sale
Determine the best media and programs for each audience
Put systems in place to measure campaign successes and marketing costs
Test alternative lists, messages, vehicles, and offers
Calculate returns on marketing investments
Reinvest in the most cost-effective programs

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Boost Sales Productivity
Marketing’s chief goal is to shorten the sales cycle. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Develop a system for classifying prospective customers by where they are in their buying cycles
Recommend targeted communications programs that generate demand for your solutions, attract attention, create a sense of urgency, or keep you high on the radar—depending on where your prospective customers are in their buying process
Coordinate promotions to ensure regular and effective communication
Implement lead tracking systems to monitor sales progress and uncover obstacles
Develop reports that alert sales management to delays in the sales process

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Improve Credibility
Accelerate the sale and reduce customers’ perception of risk by associating your solutions with your customers’ success. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Interview your customers to document their experiences with your solutions
Quantify how your customers used your solutions to improve profitability
Prepare customer quotes that portray your company in a favorable light
Develop case studies that help prospective customers visualize the benefits they will derive from your solutions
Get customers’ consent to use their case studies and testimonials on your website and in your marketing collateral
Attract media attention and place case studies in the trade press to raise awareness of the power of your solutions

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Increase service revenues
Package your services to make them easier for prospective customers to buy. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

Extract and convey the essential value of what you offer
Identify and define discrete deliverables
Articulate your processes to add structure to your offerings
Sell proactively by developing detailed descriptions of what you provide.

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