Quick Start
Quick Start is designed to provide you with cost-effective actions you can take to attract the prospects you want most—and convert them into prospects faster. BB Marketing Plus will:

  • Meet with you to understand what sales obstacles you face most often
  • Recommend marketing initiatives that will accelerate the sale
  • Help you identify which one will yield the best return
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for executing the marketing program you decide will give you the most leverage

SEO and Social Media Starter Kit
Blogs and Linked In and Twitter, oh my! Wondering whether to invest in social media marketing and if so where to start? The social media starter kit is designed to help you leverage social media strategies to raise awareness of your company and the benefits your solutions deliver. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

  • Use social media to boost your search engine rankings
  • Gain visibility with your most promising prospects
  • Stay top of mind with referral sources
  • Stay abreast of what others are saying about you-and your competition
  • Determine which social media tools will most benefit your business
  • Set up the infrastructure you need to use the social media tools you select
  • Provide training to help your company use social media tools effectively-and monitor success
  • At your option, help you execute your new social media strategy

Revenue Accelerator
The Revenue Accelerator helps you capture lost sales opportunities. BB Marketing Plus will interview recent prospects to help you verify :

  • What events drive a need for your solutions
  • What matters most to prospects at every stage of their buying process
  • How prospects perceive your company and solutions relative to the competition
  • What most influenced their buying decisions
  • When runner-ups were eliminated—and why
  • What actions you can take to accelerate the sale

Glowing testimonials from satisfied buyers motivate others to purchase your solutions. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

  • Interview your customers
  • Capture their successes
  • Help them quantify how your solutions improved profitability
  • Distill their stories into a few crisp sentences
  • Create testimonials that help others visualize the benefits they'll derive from your solutions.

Service Shrink Wrapper
The Service Shrink Wrapper packages your professional services and makes them easier to buy. BB Marketing Plus will help you:

  • Identify and articulate what sets your offerings apart from the competition.
  • Package your services to make it easier for prospects to recognize what you can do for them.
  • Include specifics that instill confidence in your ability to deliver and mitigate concerns about scope creep.

As needed marketing expertise
Debating what to do next? Want a second opinion? Need help with a small project? BB Marketing Plus offers "as needed" advice over the phone in half hour increments on a prepaid basis.

Working with BB Marketing Plus has liberated new insights and a huge amount of energy and excitement on my part." 
John Bewick

Compliance Management
Systems, Inc.


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