On a limited budget, but need marketing expertise to leverage your efforts and reduce risk? Whether you need to develop a marketing plan, develop an on-line marketing strategy, brand your company, or launch a new product or service, Barbara Bix, Principal, BB Marketing Plus, will provide ongoing counsel as follows:
  • Schedule an initial conversation to discuss your goals and objectives
  • Recommend cost-effective actions you can take to achieve success
  • Provide you with step-by-step instructions for executing the marketing programs you believe will provide the greatest leverage
  • Recommend tools and resources you can tap to accelerate your efforts.
  • Consult with you to review progress and adjust the plan as you require
  • Address any questions or concerns as they come up.
Ensure that you are making the most of your opportunities through upfront planning. BB Marketing Plus will help you:
  • Research the market and the competition
  • Segment and analyze the market
  • Select a target market
  • Identify unmet needs and product opportunities
  • Position and price your products relative to the competition
  • Select appropriate promotion strategies and tactics
  • Identify risks
  • Develop a marketing calendar with key milestones
  • Establish metrics for measuring success
  • Create financial projections

Today, prospects turn to the Internet first and many disqualify themselves before they even enter the sales pipeline. BB Marketing Plus will help you:
  • Identify how your most promising prospects prefer to use the Internet
  • Define required content and calls to action at every stage of the buying process
  • Determine the on-line initiatives you require to accomplish your business goals and encourage prospect participation.
  • Recommend investments in the marketing infrastructure you require to achieve success
  • At your option, train employees in effective use of these marketing tools
  • Develop step-by-step plans for executing each marketing initiative you select including goals, investments content strategy, ongoing resource requirements, delivery schedule, and the metrics you require to measure success
  • At your option, help you assemble and manage the design and technical teams that will execute these strategies
When it comes to new product development, specifics matter. BB Marketing Plus will help you:
  • Articulate the business problem that the solution will address
  • Assess the pervasiveness of the problem
  • Describe the stakeholders that the problem affects
  • Gather market information to specify stakeholders' requirements
  • Rank requirements
  • Describe "buyer personas" and "use cases" to illustrate the importance of essential requirements
  • Work with development personnel to evaluate solutions that can address these requirements
Whether you're considering entering a new market, an acquisition, a partnership, or making major changes to existing products, it's important to assess the opportunity and ensure it meets your goals. BB Marketing Plus will help you:
  • Research the market and the competition
  • Identify unmet needs, barriers to market entry, and potential obstacles to growth
  • Assess the match between your strengths, those of potential partners, and areas of opportunity
  • Describe and size the opportunity
  • Identify risks
  • Create financial projections
With so many alternatives, it's essential to clearly differentiate your solution from all the others. BB Marketing Plus will: Describe and rank their needs
  • Interview prospects and customers
  • Assess their perceptions of your solution and others that address similar needs
  • Isolate essential needs that no one has addressed adequately
  • Select the best matches between your solution's benefits and prospects' unmet needs
  • Work with a writer to develop alternative messages
  • Test top results with company executives, Sales, industry experts, customers, and prospects
  • Develop or refine your positioning to elevate your solution above the competition's
Need to accelerate sales? We'll help you get the right messages to the right people at the right time in the format they prefer at each stage of the buying process. BB Marketing Plus will:
  • Interview customers and recent prospects
  • Determine key buying criteria
  • Map the buying process
  • Identify decision makers and key influencers
  • Determine where each audience turns for information
  • Develop compelling value propositions
  • Specify required communications and messages, calls to action, and delivery mechanisms for each
  • Calculate costs and establish metrics for measuring return on investment
  • Develop a marketing calendar with key milestones
What would it take to close more deals? Only your recent prospects know for sure. BB Marketing Plus will interview recent prospects and:
  • Identify prospects' key buying criteria and buying processes.
  • Discover how they perceive your company, products, and communications relative to the competition
  • Determine how they formed these perceptions at each stage of the buying process
  • Find out who they selected and why
  • Perform a web search to gather additional perceptions of your company and the competition
  • Analyze data and chart your company's strengths and weaknesses relative to key buying criteria and relevancy to prospects' buying processes
  • Recommend actions you can take to improve your close ratio.
  • At your option, meet with internal teams to help implement recommendations.
Are you having trouble finding the right person for difficult to fill positions? Do you want to save on search fees? BB Marketing Plus will:
  • Interview you to capture your requirements and priorities
  • Write the position description and recruiting script
  • Identify target companies and people
  • Make recruiting calls
  • Pre-qualify candidates
  • Arrange interviews.
BB Marketing Plus stepped us through a process that helped us identify our target market and a winning selling proposition. This led to our signing on Microsoft as a reference account— which won us instant credibility."
David Crosbie


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