Accelerating sales starts with pinpointing where—in the buying process —prospects are getting stuck. Here are 15 questions BB Marketing Plus asks at the outset of every project to determine which marketing initiatives will yield the greatest return—and where to start.

1 Has your firm identified a list of characteristics that describe your most promising prospects?
2 Do you know what the single most important problem is that your products or services solve for your most promising prospects?
3 Do you know what events, if any, trigger demand for your product or service?
4 If your company’s most promising prospects were looking for a solution like yours would it be easy for them to identify your firm as a possible vendor?
5 Of those that know about your company, do most of your prospects recognize that they have a problem that your firm can solve?
6 Do your most promising prospects understand the key differences between your products and services and others that they might use to address the same need?
7 Can you rank the top three criteria that your most promising prospects’ use when they evaluate products or services such as yours?
8 Do you know what actions your most promising prospects took to identify solutions or vendors when they first contacted you?
9 Does your firm win most of the deals where a representative has a chance to present your solution?
10 Does your firm track how everyone that contacts your company heard about the firm?
11 Does your company track all opportunities and find out which were won, which were lost, and why?
12 Has your firm documented how customers have benefited from the firm’s products or services?
13 Does your company have a system in place for tracking the return on its marketing investments?
14 Does your firm have a regular process for keeping in contact with prospects and customers?
Does your firm routinely engage customers in conversations about their satisfaction with your company and its solutions?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, schedule a free consultation to discuss concrete steps you can take to accelerate revenue right away.

BB Marketing Plus demystified the marketing process by developing a roadmap that clearly laid out the marketing programs we need to achieve our revenue objectives. Having a plan that specifies the level and mix of marketing investments we need to make has proved invaluable. I now have a high degree of confidence that I am making the right pricing and budgeting decisions.”
Tom Moses
Spill Center, Inc.

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