IEEE Consultants Network, February 24, 2011
Networking Practice
Networking may be the most effective way to get ahead, but many of us still aren’t comfortable talking to strangers. Like any new skill, effective networking takes practice. Please join Barbara Bix and the IEEE Consultants Network for an evening of group exercises especially designed to hone the skills you require to be an adept networker

JVS, February 17, 2011
Reinventing yourself
In today’s economy, change is happening all around us ... and at a fast pace. Change can be stressful, but, for those willing to invest in re-inventing themselves, change often creates opportunity. . Join Barbara Bix, Principal of BB Marketing Plus, to discuss strategies you can use--and whether reinvention makes sense for you.

Medical Development Group, February 10, 2011
Put Inbound Marketing to Work for your Business
Re-tweets, googlebots, walls and page graders…all part of the brave new world of inbound marketing that can grow business through more and higher quality leads, better ROI and competitive advantage. But what does it all mean? And how can one person start to put the pieces together to make it work for his or her company?

Medical Development Group, July 21, 2010
Networking Practice
Networking may be the most effective way to get ahead, but many of us still aren’t comfortable talking to strangers. Like any new skill, effective networking takes practice. Please join Barbara Bix and Olga Taylor for an evening of group exercises especially designed to hone the skills you require to be an adept networker.

NEWIEE, June 10, 2010
Entrepreneurship III: Marketing a new business
When it comes to energy and the environment, it's still the Wild West. Energy prices change daily; economic incentives vary; new efficiency and safety regulations prevail. Please join us to discuss steps you can take to anticipate and address some of the obstacles that you may encounter on your path to revenue and profitability.

BlogTalkRadio, March 24, 2010 (12:00 PM)
Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Reduce Your Cost of Sales What if the companies that need your products or services most would just raise their hands? Tune in to learn cost-effective actions that you can take to generate revenues sooner and at a lower cost.

IEEE Consultants, March 24, 2010
Use social media to attract new business
Social media is the new referral engine. Yesterday, people turned to their peers for information and recommendations before making a purchase decision. In the future, they'll continue to seek out peer recommendations--however, they'll do so online. We'll discuss where and when decision makers are turning when they have problems to address--and how you can these media to provide value, attract their attention and ultimately generate referrals and business.

207 Washington Street, Wellesley, 2nd floor, March 16, 2010 (7:00 PM)
Using Social Media in Your Job Search
Are you wondering which social media tools are useful to help you stand out in your job search? Should you be Twittering or Facebooking and if so, how should you present yourself? This presentation will discuss various social media tools you can use to augment your job search activities.

Wharton Alumni Club, January 27, 2010
The Value Proposition of Social Media: What's in it for your organization?
Everyone is talking about Social Media but is it right for your organization? Learn about how others have used social media effectively and ways that you can use it to achieve your business objectives.

Tufts University Alumni Affairs, November 5, 2009
Using Online Social Media in Your Job Search
In today's competitive market, communicating how you can add value to potential employers – is more important than ever. Online social media can offer new opportunities to showcase your expertise, demonstrate your ability to add value to potential employers, and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Tufts University, Web Strategies for Health, July 23, 2009
Marketing web-based communications: If you build it, will they come?
This two-part session will focus on successfully reaching and engaging consumers and the health care professionals they consult on health care issues.

IEEE Consultants' Network, June 24, 2009
Creating a Compelling Value Proposition
Join Barbara Bix, Principal of BB Marketing Plus for a lively meeting where we´ll discuss how to develop and deploy value propositions that will capture attention and motivate key stakeholders to take action.

Society of Professional Consultants, March 25, 2009
Turning Your Value Proposition From a "So What" to a "Must Have"
What problem does your product or service solve? How important is this problem? Who will benefit most from the solution and how? These are three questions every prospective customer, user, and investor will have. Learn how to prepare clear, concise statements that address these concerns-before they ask.

Medical Development Group, February 19, 2009
Getting into Your Buyers' Mind
Whether you're developing a marketing campaign-or conducting a job search-success depends on getting into your buyers' minds, figuring out exactly what they want, and then doing it their way. Leave this session with at least one idea that you can use to facilitate prospective clients'/employers' buying decisions in a way that's comfortable for you.

ENET, February 3, 2009
Marketing Equals Money
Many new businesses think, "if you build it they will come". Find out how marketers turn prospects' buying process to their advantage. Learn how to devise strategies and tactics that attract desirable prospects and entice them to buy.

TE Network, November 12, 2008
How to get clients
Join Barbara Bix, Principal of BB Marketing Plus, as she shares tips you can use toattract prospective clients and stay high on their radar until they're ready to buy.

Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, October 30, 2008
Play the Value Proposition Game
Learn how to develop compelling value propositions that motivate prospects to buy. In the second part of the session, participants will have the opportunity to help a volunteer improve his/her value proposition.

Acton Networking Group, September 8, 2008
Marketing Now for your Next Opportunity

IEEE Consultants' Network, June 24, 2008
Increase revenues: Develop a strategy for systematically cultivating referrals

Barbara has a breadth of experience that makes her helpful to any business trying to grow its customer base. I have never spent more than five minutes with her without learning something incredibly useful for my business. She has a way of getting right to the heart of a problem with suggestions that have made an immediate impact on how we do business."
Howard Goldstein
Attorney and Partner
Rosenberg, Freedman and Goldstein


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