Our professional service clients include attorneys, engineering firms, conference management firms, consulting firms, graphic design firms, architects, physicians, and other health care practitioners.
Case Examples
For an environmental services firm, expanded a $30,000 service line into a $1 million enterprise by spearheading an integrated marketing campaign including PR, direct marketing, and advertising that increased prospective clients’ and referral sources’ awareness of the company and its services, filled the sales pipeline, and decreased the cost of sales.

For a suburban law practice, contributed to a 30% increase in revenues by re-focusing the practice to concentrate on a single specialty, identifying and nurturing untapped referral relationships, and re-pricing services.

For a marketing agency, contributed to a 30% increase in revenues by identifying the most promising prospects, creating a compelling value proposition, and contributing to the company’s rebranding efforts.

For a hospital-based pathology practice, increased annual referrals by 25% over a 6-month period by pinpointing the most promising prospects, identifying the most compelling value proposition, and developing a successful strategy for staying high on referring surgeons’ radar.

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Barbara has a breadth of experience that makes her helpful to any business trying to grow its customer base. I have never spent more than five minutes with her without learning something incredibly useful for my business. She has a way of getting right to the heart of a problem with suggestions that have made an immediate impact on how we do business."
Howard Goldstein
Attorney and Partner
Rosenberg, Freedman and Goldstein


Benjamin Marshall, Owner
Green Stamp Insulation, Moldtec, AEI

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