From Fortune 500 firms to start-ups, our high-tech marketing clients include firms that market enterprise software, workflow solutions, data communications technologies such as data security, gateways for wireless LANS, videoconferencing, speech recognition, and interactive voice response systems (IVR), medical devices, and applications software to the financial services and health care industries.
Case Examples
For a financial services software firm, researched market requirements. Identified product opportunity that enabled client to penetrate a new market, sign up 25 major financial institutions as clients, and generate more than $9 million in incremental revenue.

For a company introducing a wireless LAN server, identified target markets, ranked product requirements, and recruited the beta customers that the firm required to win credibility in the marketplace. As a result of this early success, the company succeeded in raising an additional $10 million in a down economy.

For a "software as a service (SaaS)" provider, identified a compelling value proposition, and then used it to effectively promote a webinar that succeeded in attracting more than 800 new qualified prospects.

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BB Marketing Plus stepped us through a process that helped us identify our target market and a winning selling proposition. This led to our signing on Microsoft as a reference account— which won us instant credibility."
David Crosbie


Ira Keller, CEO
Lewtan Technologies

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