Our health care clients include technology firms breaking into health care, insurers, hospitals, physician practices, home health care agencies, assisted living firms, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, professional service providers, and health care applications software firms.
Case Examples
For a medical diagnostic software supplier developing a new product, conducted physician interviews to narrow the target market, validate the company’s value proposition for each of its audiences, inform product development efforts, assess price sensitivity, and pinpoint the most effective publicity vehicles.

As a subcontractor to a web design firm, developed an online marketing strategy for a leading tertiary hospital that helped them increase out-of-state referrals by providing community-based physicians with access to breaking research and reliable information about various medical conditions that they could provide to their patients.

For New England’s first consumer-directed health plan, coordinated market launch and raised awareness of the company using a combination of marketing programs including press releases, customer case studies, testimonials, and direct marketing to employers and their insurance brokers. Company is now the market leader in northern New England.

For a hospital-based pathology practice, increased annual referrals by 25% over a 6-month period by pinpointing the most promising prospects, identifying the most compelling value proposition, and developing a successful strategy for staying high on referring surgeons’ radar.

For a medical device manufacturer, recruited and interviewed emergency room medical directors to gauge adoption of a proposed disposable device that would help EMTs assess/improve treatment effectiveness.

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"Barbara is a seasoned marketing expert who quickly grasps the particular challenges of a business and can offer specific and practical advice in a cost-effective way. The information she gathered on our behalf was critical in tuning our product specifications, our branding, and our messaging to key constituencies. Barbara’s critical thinking pushes the envelope and kept us alert."  
Peter Steiger PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Optasia Medical

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