Marketing Profs, August 22, 2011
Customer service can make or break your brand: 8 steps for success

In this article, you'll learn about: (1) The importance of consistent messaging; (2) Steps you can take, post-sales, to enhance your brand.


Marketing Profs, March 9, 2011
Find Your $1,000 a Minute Market: How Marketing Creates Product Value

How much is masterpiece music performed by an internationally acclaimed virtuoso worth to an audience of a thousand people?


MarketingProfs, November 30, 2010
Ten Steps You Can Take to Create Compelling Testimonials

Testimonials help accelerate sales. That's because the perspectives of peers are among the information sources that prospective customers value most.


MarketingProfs, September 21, 2010
Accelerate Your Referrals: Nine Steps to Success

If you're like many professional service providers, you get a lot of business from referrals. You get them because you're an expert at what you do and you provide excellent service.


Marketing Profs, June 29, 2010
Marketing at Cyberspeed: What Today’s Internet May Mean for Your Launch Strategy and Beyond

Launching a business may be as easy today as registering a website. But winning a share of the market will remain tricky as long as it is subject to customer preferences, channel demands, and competitive offerings.


Marketing Profs, May 25, 2010
Case Study: In a SaaS World, Customer Feedback Drives Competitive Advantage

Most executives would concur that gaining deep insights into customers' preferences at every stage of the buying process is a good idea.


Marketing Profs, February 23, 2010
The Secret to Success in a Down Economy: Market Intelligence

Especially in a down economy, it's important to understand where the opportunities are--and how to capitalize on them. Luckily, today's companies have many avenues for gathering this information.


Marketing Profs, December 15, 2009
Marketing Is So Much More Than Promotion: Just Visit My Hairdresser

Last Saturday, Mary Davis, co-owner of Davis Hairdressing in Newton, Mass., called to inquire about my recent visit. I asked her if she had a few minutes to talk because I wanted to let her know how impressed I've been with my experiences at her salon.


Marketing Profs, July 14, 2009
Creating Compelling Value Propositions Can be Fun

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of watching 50 IEEE CNET consultants help one of their own develop a compelling value proposition. It was really fun. Here's what happened....


Marketing Profs, May 5, 2009
How can businesses use social media to shorten the sales cycle?

How can businesses use social media to shorten the sales cycle? And, how can marketers measure the ROI of their social media investments? These are questions that every business needs to ask and answer...


Rain Today, January 28, 2009
Cross-Selling for Small Business

Let us tell you a fable that we've heard in a number of group settings. It talks about heaven and hell. If the analogy to small businesses is not immediately clear, it should become so by the end of this article...


Rain Today, January 6, 2009
Customer Success Stories Speed the Sale

Marketing and Sales worked hard to find the opportunity and close the deal. The people in Operations knocked themselves out to deliver above expectations.


Salesopedia, June 10, 2008
Out in the cold: When is cold calling right for your business?

It was clear as day. We had a useful reasonably priced service to offer to an omnipresent and growing industry. We had happy customers eager to give us new projects if and when the projects got funded. All we needed were some new accounts. The more the better... ...


RainToday, January 9
, 2008

What's Your Professional Service Firm's Marketing Strategy For Cultivating Referrals?

Savvy professional service firms leave nothing to chance.  Instead, they develop a systematic process for identifying, training, and cultivating prospective referrers.  By so doing, they reduce the "randomness" of new business development and sign up new clients more predictably...


, October 2, 2007
Selling Professional Services? It's All
About Leverage

Marketing programs that Professional Service Firms can use to improve business development productivity and profitability...


RainToday, March 6, 2007
Why Marketing 101 Lessons Still Prevail:
A Case Study

With apologies to Robert Fulghum, author of the bestseller, Everything I Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, a recent experience provided solid proof that much of what we need to know as marketers was covered in Marketing 101...

RainToday, March 6, 2006
The Power Of Anecdote And Agenda: Researching Your Prospects' Buying Patterns
As marketing directors, we want to invest money in marketing projects that demonstrate a return on investment...
MORE, February 7, 2006
Maximizing Profitability: How Marketers Make an Impact
Every company aims to maximize profit. Yet, in the frenzy of everyday work, it is not uncommon for "urgent" issues...
MORE, November 8, 2005
Is It Time to Revamp Your Communications Plan?
If your sales cycles seem to be dragging, it may be time to revamp your communications plan...
MORE, June 28, 2005
Are White Papers Just for Technical Marketers?
As marketing professionals, it is our job to stimulate demand for a company's goods and services with one of two...
MORE, May 24, 2005
Test Your Customer IQ
It will come as no surprise that customers want it their way (to paraphrase Burger King). Yet many companies don't...

Mass High Tech, May 16, 2005
Seal the deal with the right stuff
Recently, five companies that had seen his company’s “point solution” at a health care industry trade show...
MORE, May 10, 2005
Secrets to Closing the Sale
There are many reasons for not closing a sale. In today's climate of information and work overload, an increasingly....

Boston Business Journal, November 6, 2004
To drive your sales, adopt a major-accounts strategy
Did you know you can increase your company’s revenues—without necessarily adding more resources? The key is...

Mass High Tech, August, 2004
Is outsourcing the marketing function your key to rapid growth?
The single most important driver of growth for emerging technology firms is having the right people in place...

Women's Business, Volume 6, Issue 9, June 2004
Know your customer, grow your business
Did you know that while companies consider market research to be expensive, they can’t afford not to do it?...

Mass High Tech, March, 2004
Getting the message out: Steps to technology marketing
Tech startups have great ideas, boundless energy and capped resources. Focus is key to exploiting resources for the...

Mass High Tech, September 15, 2003
Remove sales obstacles and accelerate the sale
Marketing textbooks preach that pain sells. The quickest way to make a sale is to identify customers' pain and...

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, July 14, 2003
Using Client Data To Grow Your Practice
Many lawyers are spending more of their time marketing, and as with any time-intensive endeavor, it is important to..

Boston Business Journal, April 18, 2003
Making it easy to buy — honing the small business edge
The ability to develop customer intimacy, display a high level..

Boston Business Journal, February 24, 2003
Even small businesses can benefit from marketing systems
Small companies that implement marketing systems to identify their best prospects can dramatically increase revenue..


Contact, October 2002
Growing your business
Pssst. Let me let you in on a little secret. Selling doesn't work. The customers are in control. They decide what they..

Contact, September 2000
Eight Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask Before Jumping On-Line
According to a recent report by Dun and Bradstreet (May 25, 2000), 41% of women-owned businesses indicated that they have Web pages, up from 22% in 1999. Yet the...

Health Care Marketing Matters, Winter 1999
Make it easy to use
Talk to any health care administrator about clinical initiatives—practice guidelines, disease management, alternative medicine—and you're likely to hear familiar complaints...

Health Care Marketing Matters, Summer 1999

Mind over Matter
An ever-growing body of evidence demonstrates that "alternative" medicine—such as mind/body programs, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic services...

Effective Clinical Practice, January/February 1999
How Ready Are Health Plans for Medicare? PDF
The Medicare program is moving quickly to offer its beneficiaries the option to enroll in capitated managed care plans...

Health Care Marketing Matters, Fall 1998
Who's doing what on the web
Health care organizations are turning to the Internet, especially the world wide web, to market their goods and services. While the movement to digital communication·

Health Care Marketing Matters, Fall 1998
Health care's new customers: For marketers there's a whole new audience out there.
Marcus Welby is dead. In the not-too-distant past, the health care industry enjoyed a goodwill and stability other professions envied. During the last 15 years, however...

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