BB Marketing Plus' Revenue Accelerator Methodology™ is a monitored and measurable way to turn your prospects' buying process to your advantage.

1. Clarify business and project objectives.
2. Analyze and segment the market.
3. Make the most of your opportunities: Identify your best prospects and what they really value.
4. Dissect the who, what, when, where, and how of their buying process.
5. Uncover bottlenecks: determine what those you need to recommend your solution require—at every stage of the buying process—and how they prefer to get it.
6. Make it easy to buy: launch marketing initiatives that keep the process moving.
7. Stay top of mind until your prospects are ready to buy.
8. Close the deal and negotiate the terms of the sale.
9. Track results at each stage of the buying process.
10. Analyze what worked, what didn't—and improve.

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The Revenue Accelerator Methodology™:
Ten steps for success.

Hiring BB Marketing Plus was the single most influential factor in growing a small service line into a unique company that is now on track to net over $1 million in revenue annually—all in the course of 6 months."
Benjamin Marshall
President and CEO

Moldtec Corporation of America

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